My legal practice focuses on: service as arbitrator; advocacy in litigation and arbitration proceedings; and providing dispute-related advice.

Service as arbitrator

I regularly serve as sole arbitrator, chairman of the tribunal, and party-appointed arbitrator in domestic and international proceedings.

My experience as arbitrator, built in several dozen cases, relates in particular to ICC, DIS, and ad hoc proceedings. The focus is on post-M&A and joint venture disputes and other disputes centered on corporate and commercial law.

As an arbitrator, I value swiftness and efficiency as much as thoroughness. I generally favour an active role for the tribunal and propose timely and detailed guidance on the potentially relevant issues to the extent that the parties consent to this approach.


I regularly represent German and foreign parties in litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Here, too, the focus is on post-M&A and joint venture disputes and other disputes under corporate and commercial law, as well as D&O liability and professional malpractice cases.

Furthermore, I represent my clients in international legal assistance proceedings (such as the evidentiary proceedings under the Hague Evidence Convention) and in court proceedings relating to arbitration (such as proceedings for the recognition and enforcement or the annulment of arbitral awards).

To me, an advocate's key virtues are: thoroughness; precision and clarity in thought and in language; creativity; professionalism; and - last but not least - empathy. Furthermore, I am convinced that in my role as advocate I draw a very substantial benefit from my experience as arbitrator.

Dispute-related advice

I frequently advise my clients in the run-up to potential litigation or arbitration proceedings. The aim is usually to come to a realistic assessment of the likely outcome of the potential proceedings, to develop strategies for further action or to work towards an amicable solution of the dispute.

It is a key element in all these situations to gain a proper understanding of the client's objectives and interests as early in the process as possible. These objectives and interests may far exceed the specific dispute at hand. They may also have a substantial impact on the choice of the most suitable type of proceeding and other tactical details.